Monday, November 30, 2009

"Monday Nights in Jerusalem"

Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive. And my latest book "Monday Nights in Jerusalem" will be available soon.

This book is based on the Old Testament, which can seem overwhelming to study from. But this book makes it easy. There are 30 stories and lessons that are ready to go. NO preparation or prior understanding of the scriptures needed. Quick, easy, and effective!

Each lesson includes a background story with questions that help with comprehension and also with application of the important lessons taught in the Old Testament. There are easy to understand definitions for difficult or unknown words, and thoughts and quotes to help enhance your study. The verses that pertain to each story are also included for scripture study.

This book is a great tool for family home evening, family scripture study, and for primary and sunday school teachers. Don't get overwhelmed; preparing fun, spiritual experiences with stories and principles from the Old Testament is a snap with "Monday Nights in Jerusalem".


climbingtothestars said...
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